NellOne Therapeutics Inc., the early stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering advances in regenerative medicine, will open a new research and development laboratory in Knox County, it was announced today. The facility will enable NellOne to add up to 20 new jobs during the next year.

The company will open its new location at the Fairview Technology Center later this year, as it takes the next step in its mission to use the NELL1 ‘talented’ protein to help the body regenerate tissue to normal function and regulate inflammation caused by disease and viruses such as COVID-19. The business chose Knox County because of a favorable business climate and its close proximity to Oak Ridge National Laboratory where NellOne Therapeutics initially licensed its technology.

“East Tennessee and Knox County are thriving and attracting companies with new and interesting ideas thanks to smart investments in education, infrastructure and the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said NellOne Therapeutics’ CEO Bill Malkes.

“Residents here should be proud of the economic and cultural diversity that entrepreneurial companies bring to our area. We’re excited about this opportunity, and look forward to playing a central role in the ongoing development of Knox County’s economic expansion.”

The opening of the new NellOne Therapeutics facility comes with the support and encouragement from Knox County and The Development Corporation of Knox County.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs commented, “We are proud to welcome innovative companies like NellOne Therapeutics to make their home in our area. They are another example of companies in our own backyard that can provide solutions to international issues.”

Development Corporation of Knox County President & CEO Todd Napier said, “Mr. Malkes and serial entrepreneurs just like him are some of East Tennessee’s greatest economic assets, and serve as economic catalysts for our community. Knox County’s support of entrepreneurship and Fairview Technology Center continue to facilitate growth in high paying, technology-based jobs for Knox County.”

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