what we do

Committed to healing

NellOne Therapeutics is committed to capturing the power of the NELL1 protein to improve outcomes for patients across the world, both in the treatment of significant tissue damage as well as a broad range of issues relating to inflammation.

The Potential

NELL1: the potenial

The NELL1 protein yields deep potential in treating tissue damage because it promotes biological pathways that:

Reduce inflammation

NELL1 reduces inflammation by controlling the levels of major proinflammatory factors including that of the cytokine storm that can overwhelm the body during the early phase of infection.

Increase cell/tissue survival

We are able to increase cell and tissue survival under hypoxia which provides tissues time and opportunity to initiate and sustain the repair mechanisms.

Promote cell division

Cell division and differentiation are both critical factors in NELL1’s ability to intelligently select, access, and direct the body’s ability to heal itself.

Maturing new tissue

NELL1 can be used to help the body to mature new tissue to full biological function.

Stem cell recruitment

Nell1 facilitates stem cell recruitment to injury site for tissue formation and blood vessel formation.

The Vision

NellOne Therapeutics has a powerful and important vision to compassionately relieve suffering though accelerating healing for 250 million people while embracing the underserved.


To achieve our vision, we are continuing to build a strong, values-driven organization focused on our people, advancing cutting-edge science, and rigorously developing a new vision for regenerative medicine.  Our values define how we work together.

  • Dignity
  • Inclusivity
  • Servant leadership
  • Action
  • Invitation


We are a diverse team of innovative scientists, clinicians, and business leaders with a common goal of building a great company set out to achieve great things.

Join us in harnessing the extraordinary regenerative potential of NELL1 to help tens of millions of people in getting their lives back, and reducing health care costs with a cure rather than more treatments.