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A new future in regenerative medicine

NellOne is an early stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering advances in regenerative medicine. Our mission is to relieve suffering and restore lives by returning damaged soft and hard tissue to its pre-injury state.


A talented protein

NELL1 is a matricellular signaling protein expressed in a wide variety of tissues. NELL1 is highly expressed during fetal development, the naturally regenerative phase of human life and the only time when the body experiences true regeneration and scarless healing.

NELL1 serves the damaged soft and hard tissue of the body as a General Contractor does a damaged building, by arranging and directing resources until the restoration is complete. Then, like the General Contractor, NELL1 turns off.

our focus

Improving lives

NellOne is committed to democratizing regenerative medicine through practical, cost-effective treatments for the multitude.

Successful commercialization of the NELL1 protein will improve the treatment standard for patients not only by promoting survival, but in mitigating long-term tissue damage and disability. In addressing both the acute and prolonged tissue and bone injury, a NELL1 based therapeutic will improve patient quality-of-life and reduce the healthcare system burden.

The remarkable repertoire of NELL1’s abilities is driven by stimulating cells that secrete a mixture of molecules called the extracellular matrix (ECM)—a “biological glue” which orients cells in the correct 3D structure allowing them to communicate and coordinate their jobs in a specific tissue or organ.

NELL1 is a single therapeutic that both reduces inflammation and promotes tissue and bone regeneration under the adverse conditions returning the body to its pre-injury form and function.

How It Works

NELL1 is a signaling protein with a wide spectrum of proven biological activities essential for bone and healing tissues:

✔ Control inflammation

Controlling inflammation so the body’s defensive immune system does not go on overdrive, thus preventing complications and chronic conditions

✔ recruit cells

Recruiting surrounding immature stem cells to form new tissues

✔ bring oxygen

Forming new blood vessels to bring oxygen, nutrients and growth factors

✔ replace damage

Restoring tissue mass/volume to replace damage sites

✔ restore tissue

Maturing new tissue to restore full biological function

These properties enable the use of NELL1 in healing severe injuries and disorders in soft and hard tissues: viral induced lung injury such as COVID-19, bone and osteoporosis, cartilage, tendon, skeletal muscle, heart muscle and systemic inflammation (atrophy and osteoarthritis).

NellOne: The Company

A passionate team committed to serving others

NellOne Therapeutics has an accomplished leadership team with deep expertise in delivering meaningful scientific development as well as significant business success. It is also a place where servant leadership can thrive and a real difference can be made.

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