NellOne Therapeutics

A new future for regenerative medicine

NellOne: The Business

NellOne is an early stage biopharmaceutical company using a talented protein to plot a new future for regenerative medicine. That protein is NELL-1 [Neural EGF- Like-Like molecule], a naturally occurring secreted human protein that triggers multiple processes for tissue growth and maturation during development and after injuries. With dozens of patents in eight countries, NellOne Therapeutics, Inc. is developing therapies with partners across multiple modalities leveraging the healing potential of NELL-1.

As a result, NellOne is the home where servant leadership can thrive and a meaningful difference can be made.

NELL-1: The Talented Protein

The remarkable range of NELL-1’s abilities is enabled by stimulating cells to secrete a mixture of molecules called the extracellular matrix (ECM)

—a “biological glue” which orients cells in the correct 3D structure, and allows them to communicate and coordinate their jobs in a specific tissue or organ. The ECM generated by NELL-1 recapitulates the molecular and cellular environment during fetal development—the naturally regenerative phase of human life and the ONLY time when the human body undergoes true regeneration and scarless healing. NELL-1 is most abundant and active during fetal growth and decreases after birth, maturity and aging.

NELL-1: The Potential

The NELL-1 protein yields remarkable potential in treating tissue damage because it promotes biological pathways that:


Reduce inflammation

by controlling the levels of major pro-inflammatory factors including that of the cytokine storm that can overwhelm the body during the early phase of infection.


Increase cell/tissue survival

under hypoxia which provides tissues time and opportunity to initiate and sustain the repair mechanisms.


Cell division

and differentiation. 


Maturing new tissue

to full biological function.


Stem cell recruitment

to injury site for tissue formation and blood vessel formation.


Revolutionizing soft tissue regeneration

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