NELL1 Protein

NELL1 is a signaling protein that triggers pathways for tissue growth and maturation in a variety of tissues including heart muscle, skeletal muscle and blood vessels. Although it is most active during fetal development, several in vitro and small animal studies have shown that when purified recombinant NELL1 protein is directly introduced into acutely injured adult tissues, NELL1 mediates and stimulates innate regenerative pathways (controlled inflammation, promotion of cell growth and differentiation, blood vessel formation, etc.) to produce new tissue of the right architecture and function. NELL1 has been shown to elicit effects via binding to integrin receptors and plays a major role in the production of the fetal extracellular matrix (ECM) especially tenascins, collagens and proteoglycans. The ECM provides both a structural framework and a signaling environment necessary for key events in tissue regeneration such as cell survival, proliferation, and differentiation.