About NellOne Therapeutics, Inc.

NellOne Therapeutics, Inc. is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of therapeutic products that will shift the paradigm of tissue healing after acute injury from scarring to complete regeneration of form and function. Multiple independent proof-of-concept studies in vitro and in animal models demonstrate the potential efficacy of the company’s lead therapeutic candidate, the NELL1 protein, to treat acute major traumatic wounds in soft tissues in horses and other veterinary animals and ultimately in humans. In addition, activity of the NELL1 protein in cardiac tissue development shows promise for development of a therapy to heal damaged heart muscle after heart attacks. The company is currently focused on taking a first product to market (NT201-E) for wound healing in high performance horses.

NellOne was founded by Cymbeline T. Culiat, whose basic research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a leading US federal lab, led to the discovery of NELL1’s role in soft tissue regeneration. The company’s core intellectual property is licensed from UT-Battelle, LLC, manager of ORNL. Alongside, co-founder Tracy Warren, a seed stage venture capitalist, NellOne is funded by visionary angels who share the company’s passion and dedication to innovative approaches in regenerative medicine.